Spectacular Tour de France crashes

I'm not usually one for watching the Tour de France or indeed racing of any type (beyond the occasional flutter on the gee-gees, of course). But when I do cross paths with racing, it always seems to be about the crashes - probably the most dramatic part of any vehicle-based sport.

In this case, a French media car nudged into two riders, with one catapaulted into a barbed-wire fence. Ouch.

So naturally I turned to the internet for videos of other Tour crashes. Here's Lance Armstrong copping a flag to the handlebars from a small child:

This massive pile-up in stage one again occured when a rider clipped a spectator (why are they allowed to stand so close? Seems kind've silly, really). Keep an eye out for the guy at the far right who manages a deft ninja-style jump off the ditch.

In this video from the 2007 Tour de France, German rider Marcus Berghardt collides with a dog that wanders across the road. Don't worry though, the dog manages to walk away.

(Incidentally, "Marcus Berghardt dog" is the second most searched term for Marcus Berghardt on Google.)

And Lance Armstrong, once again. Not so much for the crash in this one, but the fact that Armstrong is forced off the road but keeps riding cross country.

The man is a machine. Also, is this kind of short-cut legal in terms of the competition? Craziness!

Have I missed any famous Tour de France crashtastic moments? Let me know in the comments.

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