Welcome to Rewind

Welcome to Rewind - the newest blog in our network.

I'm Nick Evershed, the network multimedia producer, and the idea of this blog is hopefully rather simple. When I'm wrangling images, video, and other things for online news items (such as the eclipse), I come across a wide range of videos on the 'net - some bizarre, some amazing, some laugh-out-loud funny, and some just downright cool.

This blog will attempt to bring these together, and hopefully you'll all have your own fair share of submissions, too.

Sometimes I might write a bit, such as on the techniques behind the videos in my first post, and sometimes I'll just post a video or two with a few lines of text.

There may also be a few guest posts from time to time, who knows!

I'll do my best to respond to comments, but please do stay on topic, unless it's an open discussion thread.



ps. You can also follow me on Twitter for blog updates, photos of animals, science-related links, and general media stuff.

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