Parking changes around station to come into effect this month

Commuter parking is set to change again around Penrith station at the end of December, Penrith City Council has announced.

The Belmore Street car park will re-open on the southern side of the station in late December, while the temporary car park at Thornton - a future development site - will close on December 31, a council statement said. 

Two-hour and four-hour parking restrictions will be reinstated along streets in Thornton at the same time, and Mayor John Thain said commuters could now park in the new multistorey car park.

“The new car park will provide some relief for residents but it is not the answer to commuter parking in the city,” he said.

“Council is continuing to work on practical solutions to reduce stress on commuter car parking. But we can’t do it alone – it is the state government’s responsibility to ensure our commuters have sufficient parking.”

Council made a detailed submission to the government inquiry into commuter car parking in NSW in August, emphasising the importance of commuter car parking to Penrith residents who often have to travel long distances to work.

“I am eager to hear the outcomes of this Inquiry,” Cr Thain said.

“Smart parking solutions continue to be at the forefront of council’s intentions; however, it is not the only answer – there needs to be more local jobs for local people.

“We are working hard to create a vibrant and energetic city where people can live and work, and don’t have to travel hours on a train every day.

“Our target is to create up to 55,000 new jobs in Penrith by 2031, providing a sustainable future for our residents. Penrith is a growing city, and so too is our opportunity to shape the way we live and work, “Cr Thain said.