Two sites recommended to deliver 4,600 homes over five years

Glenmore Park

Glenmore Park

Two sites at Glenmore Park and Orchard Hills have been recommended to deliver up to 4,600 new homes over the next five years under a program by Penrith City Council.

The 215ha Glenmore Park and 120ha Orchard Hills site were put forward for consideration as part of council’s Accelerated Housing Development Program, which invited land owners with more than 100ha capable of producing 1,000-plus lots to put forward sites for development consideration.

The program was developed as the remaining capacity of Penrith’s existing new release areas is less than 4,500 dwellings, anticipated to only satisfy demand in the area for between three and four years.

“In order to maintain housing delivery in the short term, council commenced an Accelerated Housing Delivery Program (AHDP) to identify land suitabel for new release housing development over the next five years,” a council report to the November 27 ordinary meeting stated.

A total of 11 submissions were received when council made the call-out earlier this year, with only the two identified as suitable for short term development.

Other sites at Orchard Hills south, Sydney Science Park at Luddenham, Capitol Hill at Mt Vernon, and two sites on The Northern Road were identified as suitable for medium term development.

The rest – located at Luddenham, Kemps Creek, Londonderry and Agnes Banks – were either log term or unsuitable sites.

The Glenmore Park site is currently zoned Rural (RU2) Rural Landscape and Environmental Management (E3), and could provide up to 2,850 dwellings, according to the council report.

The Orchard Hills site is zoned RU2 Primary Production and had a development potential of 1,800, the report stated.