Lindsay votes “yes”: 56.2 per cent of residents in favour of same sex marriage

The majority of Lindsay residents that voted in the same sex marriage postal survey have voted to support the idea.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the results of the postal survey this morning (Wednesday), and posted results from individual electorates on its website.

According to the results, 56.2 per cent – or 49,071 people – in the Lindsay electorate voted “yes” in the survey, with 43.8 per cent – or 38,295 – voting “no”.

The yes vote in Lindsay was below the national average of 61.6 per cent.

Lindsay MP Emma Husar responded to the result by saying the electorate had dealt with the issue in a “mature” manner.

“I think it’s a sign that our community has been very mature in the way we have approached this,” she told the Gazette from community coffee morning at Glenmore Park minutes after the vote. “There are obviously people in the community with a different opinion and that’s fine.”

Lindsay bucked the survey trend in the west, with 12 of the 17 electorates that voted “no” located in western Sydney. Another two were located in Melbourne, and three in rural Queensland.

“This shows a great deal of support for LGBTIQ people in our community and around Australia that people in Lindsay have voted yes,” Ms Husar said. 

“We are one of the only western Sydney seats to have voted yes.

“It just goes to show our maturity, and the strength in leadership around issues that are sometimes different and controversial.

“I am pleased to have personally campaigned to support the yes campaign and I will always advocate for everyone to be treated equally. I am looking forward to getting this legislation passed.”

However, Ms Husar criticised the postal vote process.

“It was a very expensive quiz,” she said.

Ms Husar said locals with differing opinions were always welcome to discuss the issue with her at any time.