Top 10 things to do at Penrith’s Real Festival

Penrith’s second Real Festival comes to Tench Reserve on the Nepean River on Friday, November 3 to Saturday, November 4.

There will be spectacular performances, interactive artworks, fun outdoor activities, and interesting talks and demonstrations at every corner. Highlights will include:


The world renowned production company Strange Fruit will perform their visually spectacular stage show ‘The Spheres’ over two nights at Real Festival. This is their first public performance of The Spheres in Sydney. 

Silent Disco

Silent Disco


If you like to get down and boogie then you should definitely make time for Silent Disco. Just look for the giant neon Boom Box Truck, pick up a pair of headphones and leave the rest up to the DJ. 

Sonic Light Bubble

Sonic Light Bubble


Let us now draw your attention to the Sonic Light Bubble because this giant inflatable bubble will be working hard to get your attention. Standing four metres high and six metres wide, this clear inflatable structure beckons passersby through light and sound to engage and interact with its beauty. 


Nebulous is a huge addition to the Real Festival line-up this year and we’re not talking metaphorically. This towering structure stands 6.5 metres high and it’s covered with thousands of oversized glittering holographic sequins. It moves, it expands, it shines and glitters both day and night. It’s amazing. 

 Aspara Gus (aka Luke Escombe) from musical feast, The Vegetable Plot.

Aspara Gus (aka Luke Escombe) from musical feast, The Vegetable Plot.


You know them from the ABC, but you’ll love them after you see them in person on the Enviro Life Stage at Real Festival. Craig Reucassel is there all day on Saturday and fresh from the success of his War on Waste series he’ll show you how small changes can make a big difference. Costa is also back this year, answering all your questions and helping you create your perfect garden. 




Unity consists of 32 posts, each with identifiers such as, ‘I’m a parent’, ‘I speak English as a second language’, ‘I identify as LGBTQI’ etc. Choose your identifiers and wrap colourful yarn around their posts. Share your story, and be part of something special.

Dog Photobooth

Dog Photobooth


Bring your beloved canine companion to Real Festival for your very own photoshoot in the Dog Photobooth. Your dog can play up to the camera (or just play up!). Perfect lighting and props are supplied, all you need to bring is your pup and a big toothy smile.


No idea what a Planetarium is? Let us explain. It’s a geo dome approximately six metres in diameter which projects the night sky onto the internal roof through a star projector. You can explore the solar system, map out a constellation, pick out your favourite planet, spot a star or do some serious gazing at galaxies far far away. 


On the grassy knoll known as Tench Reserve you’ll get the best views of all the heart-pumping on-water action of the fire jets. In 15-minute shows running from 7.30-10pm across both Friday and Saturday nights, 12 fire jets will blast huge plumes of fire up to 15metres high on the beats of music, spectacularly pulsating in choreographed patterns.


This one’s for the young, and the young at heart. Superbox World is where robotic wobbling, rolling, and moving things live but this crazy cardboard city needs your creative genius to bring these inventions to life. If you love to build things or are fascinated by robotics, then this is the place for you.

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