Joint statement issued by Penrith, Mulgoa MPs over cemetery proposals

Penrith MP Stuart Ayres

Penrith MP Stuart Ayres

Two local state MPs have reiterated their stance against cemeteries proposed for Fernhill Estate and Wallacia Golf Club.

Penrith MP Stuart Ayres and Mulgoa MP Tanya Davies released a joint statement today (Monday) stating their “clear opposition” to the two proposals, being put forward by the Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust and Catholic Matropolitan Cemeteries Trust respectively.

“We wish to make clear our opposition to both the Fernhill Estate and the Wallacia Golf Club being used as future sites for cemetery developments,” the statement said.

“It is important that the amenity of Wallacia and the Mulgoa Valley be maintained.

“It was never envisaged by the local community that large-scale cemeteries would be developed on either of these sites.

“Whilst we recognise the need for future work in relation to identifying appropriate cemetery sites under the planning framework, developments such as these do not meet community expectations.”

Both Mr Ayres and Ms Davies – who both hold portfolios in the NSW government – have been urged to escalate the Fernhill decision to Cabinet and get a formal decision to oppose it.

The statement said they would continue to advocate within the government on the two issues. 

“We will continue to advocate within the New South Wales government for no cemetery developments to take place within the Wallacia and Mulgoa Valley communities,” the statement said.