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A little cleaning robot that can do your vacuuming has moved from the realm of fantasy to the real world.

Robomaid is a cordless, bagless robot vacuum cleaner that can easily vacuum the floors of your home.

Robomaid marketing manager Emma Hodge says Robomaid's clever design ensures a proper vacuuming job.

"Robomaid is so clever that all you need to do is charge it, press start and let it do its job," she said.

"A shock absorbing bumper along with 28 in-built sensors will ensure that there won't be a single scuff or mark on walls or furniture."

"By travelling in a circular motion, Robomaid will go over the same areas multiple times to ensure a thorough clean and can even sense what areas need more work," she said.

"On the other hand, Robomaid's virtual wall accessory creates an invisible barrier to section off areas of the home that don't require cleaning."

Ms Hodge says an average bedroom would take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

"The Robomaid will vacuum for up to an hour on a full charge which can cover up to 100 square metres, after which it will take itself back to its dock to recharge," she said.

And quite surprisingly, it also features a built-in ledge detector so there are no tumbles down the stairs.

Robomaid comes in two stylish colours — red and champagne— and when it comes to maintaining the unit, Ms Hodge says the Robomaid is easy to clean.

"Simply empty the bagless dustbin and clean the spring mounted brush as needed," she said.

"Filters are washable and reusable and the microfibre mopping cloths are machine washable."

An automatic timer can be set to ensure Robomaid vacuums while everyone is out.

And by attaching a damp microfibre cloth to the vacuum cleaner, Robomaid can also assist with mopping or, for polishing when the cloth is dry.

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