Unique clay products

Artist and ceramic designer Helen Hay likes the way handmade ceramics can offer an organic and unique touch to one's home.

"Handmade ceramics are beautiful and unique," Ms Hay said.

"They are very different to the mass produced homewares which all look exactly the same.

"Handmade ceramics are organic and unique, like sometimes a thumb print can be left behind in the ceramic after it's been fired in the kiln. That thumb print can add texture to the ceramic which can only be achieved through the methodise making of handmade ceramics."

Ms Hay is the owner of a ceramic homewares business called Kanimbla Clay.

The business began in 2010, after Ms Hay decided to make handmade homewares that felt lovely to hold and practical to use.

"I felt that the world was becoming tired of mass produced ceramics," Ms Hay said

"It's almost as if ceramics were being made by robots.

"I wanted a range of products that were unique but were also functional."

Ms Hay creates her clay homewares from her workshop, which is based in the Kanimbla Valley, in the Blue Mountains.

Ms Hay draws inspiration for her designs from the rolling hills and the majestic valley which her workshop looks out onto.

"I just go outside my shed and look out over the valley and I am flooded with so many amazing ideas and inspirations for new work," Ms Hay said.

"It's completely funny how subconsciously the landscape creeps into my designs, like the Valley tea lights or the Flock of Birds range which were ideas that came from Kanimbla."

Ms Hay has always had a passion for art, especially ceramics.

"I've always loved and been involved with art since I could remember," she said.

"When I was at school I had friends who were all into art. After high school I went off to college and did an intensive course in art and design. This course introduced meu to every aspect of art like pottery, painting, photography, ceramics and drawing, so I could hone in on what I wanted to go on to study. I went into college believing fine art was a path and left with a passion for clay.

"From there I went onto university and graduated with an HND (Higher National Diploma) in Ceramics and Glass."

Ms Hay is currently working on a new range of designs.

"I'm working on a new range of electric lights and sake sets," she said.

"I'm also going to add some colour to my designs. I want to add Spanish colours to my designs like the white glaze, blue under glaze and the terracotta reds.

"I'm also going to be working with stoneware and terracotta clay."

Ms Hay will showcase her designs at the next Finders Keepers Markets in December.

● Details: For more information on Kanimbla Clay visit kanimblaclay.blogspot.com.au.

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