Postponed M4 work to begin August 14

Postponed M4 upgrades at St Clair will begin again on August 14, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has advised.

Drains were due to be upgraded and embankments stabilised westbound between Roper and Bennett Road by early August, however a number of shifts were postponed in order to carry out further environmental assessments.

To complete the remaining work, RMS will be back on site for another 15 shifts between August 14 and September 29, weather permitting. Work hours will be from 7am to 6pm, between Mondays and Saturdays.

There will again be some temporary westbound traffic changes to ensure the work zone is safe.

Motorists have been urged to keep to speed limits and follow signs and traffic controllers’ directions. For the latest traffic updates, call 132 701, visit livetraffic.comor download the Live Traffic NSW App.