Win art worth more than $1,200

Hugh Edwards

Hugh Edwards

Faulconbridge Antiques in the Blue Mountains is the Moorcroft pottery company’s biggest customer, which is one reason why the company’s chairman is coming to visit.

Win with the Gazette: The beautiful first prize in the Gazette's Moorcroft competition. For entry details, see left.

Win with the Gazette: The beautiful first prize in the Gazette's Moorcroft competition. For entry details, see left.

Hugh Edwards saved Moorcroft 30 years ago when it teetered on the brink of insolvency. The English lawyer and his wife, Maureen, were forced to sell their own collection of 612 Moorcroft pieces to finance the rescue mission.

And it worked.

Since then, Moorcroft has flourished and the pottery is in demand all over the world.

“The biggest customer in the world is the shop in Faulconbridge,” he told the Gazette from the UK where he was preparing for his trip. “I think I’ve really got to pull out all the stoppers when I come.”

Mr Edwards is a frequent visitor to Australia – “it’s like a second home” – and briefly contemplated emigrating when he was younger.

He is looking forward to renewing acquaintance with local Moorcroft lovers when he returns to Faulconbridge Antiques on Sunday, August 20,to talk about some of the pieces in the new Icons of Australia series.

“I don’t go there as a salesman – I’m the worst salesman in the world but I am an enthusiast,” he said.

“Faulconbridge probably has the best selection of Moorcroft in the world. I’ll look at some of the pieces I find interesting, either because of the way they’ve been painted or because they’re very rare. I’ll talk about those and then go through the Icons of Australia.”

The icons were decided upon by Mr Edwards with his director of art, Elise Adams, who whittled down about 20 works suggested by their design team.

They include wrens, butterflies, the lyre bird, numbats and local flora. 

See Mr Edwards at Faulconbridge Antiques from noon-5pm on August 20. To pre-order and/or attend this special event, contact Kevin and Garry Austin on 4751 7627 or email by August 15.

​The Gazette has a beautiful piece of Moorcroft pottery to win. Wedding Gift is a piece of art worth $1,285. There are also 10 runner-up prizes of Winds of Change (worth $62 each), a full colour book written by Fraser Street, aka Hugh Edwards.

To enter, email with Moorcroft in the subject line, or send an envelope with name, address and phone number to Moorcroft competition, 274 Macquarie Rd, Springwood 2777.

Entries close 5pm on August 18.