New oval at Caddens could spell trouble for locals, resident warns

A new oval proposed for Caddens could result in a parking nightmare for locals unless Penrith City Council takes action, according to a nearby resident.

The new oval is planned for council-owned land at Caddens Road, which will provide 57 parking spots on site. But Ben Mackie, a resident of nearby Heaton Avenue, has warned that’s not enough.

“We are going to have 30-odd cars parking up and down our street. It’s not that wide,” he told the Gazette. 

The parking assessment completed for the site states that “the proposed sports and recreational facility will generate a maximum parking demand of 50 spaces”. 

“The development parking provision is therefore projected to be suitably capable of the peak operational parking demands generated by the primarily site components,” it stated. “It has previously been assessed that the sports and recreation precinct will immediately adjoin public road frontages which are capable of accommodating between 20 to 40 parked vehicles in a parallel arrangement.

“It is therefore considered that the immediately adjoining public road network will be capable of accommodating a moderate level of parking demand over and above that calculated to be demanded by this assessment … without unreasonable impacts on surrounding on-street parking supply or residential amenity.”

However, Mr Mackie has called for the council to consider restricting kerbside parking in Heaton Avenue.

“At least install no parking signs on one side of the street,” he said. “With the parking … either side of the road will make it impossible to drive a car on the street or to manoeuvre residents’ cars in and out of driveways. It is an ill-conceived​ strategy with minimal cost to developers and council, and a major burden and disruption to existing residents’ lives.”

A council statement said traffic and parking was taken into account when assessing the application. “Traffic controls requiring Local Traffic Committee endorsement will be reported to that committee,” it stated.