Kemps Creek waste facility fined $15,000 for after-hours operations

A Kemps Creek waste facility has been fined $15,000 by the state’s environmental watchdog for operating outside permitted hours.

A statement from the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) said Suez is licensed to receive and process organic-based waste - a large proportion of which is garden and mixed waste collected in household collections – in outdoor areas between the hours of 8am and 4.30pm.

Any waste material that is stored outdoors must be covered, the statement said.

EPA officers inspected the site in April and found there was waste material being stored uncovered and outside. Sorting operations and equipment were also underway after the 4.30pm cut-off point, the statement said. 

EPA Director Waste Compliance Greg Sheehy said the EPA had issued a $15,000 fine for processing waste outside licensed operating hours and formally warned Suez for not covering waste derived organic material stored outdoors overnight.

“Licence conditions are put in place to ensure these facilities operate with minimal impacts on the community and the environment,” Mr Sheehy said.

“Our officers were on site several times in Kemps Creek and the fine should serve as a reminder to all facilities to operate according to the conditions detailed in their Environment Protection Licence.”