Londonderry MP Prue Car opens office on Queen Street, St Marys

The state’s assistant opposition spokesperson for western Sydney is now based at St Marys.

Londonderry MP Prue Car moved into her new electorate office on Queen Street late last month.

She said leaving the office she inherited in Werrington following her 2015 election to set up camp in her electorate’s “beating heart” was the logical choice.

“It made much more sense for me to be in St Marys,” she told the Star.

“It’s the CBD of the electorate. I know that whenever I walk down the street people would stop me to talk about their issues.

“That’s why we pushed for that move, to make me more accessible for people. I think it’ll give me a better sense of what’s happening in the community.”

In April Ms Car was made the assistant opposition spokesperson for western Sydney. She was “humbled” to be given the opportunity to help forge Labor’s western Sydney policies by Opposition Leader Luke Foley.

“It’s a good opportunity to advance this part of the world. This part of western Sydney is where it’s all happening in NSW,” Ms Car said.

“We believe that the government has a lot to answer for as far as the pressure its putting on western Sydney families.

“I’m grateful to be able to contribute to opposition policy that will hopefully come to fruition in a Labor government.”

The former Penrith councillor, who grew up in Emu Plains, said there was exciting times ahead for the local area.

“I think in the next decade St Marys will see significant change,” Ms Car said.

“I’m excited to be part of that as well. There’s a lot of exciting economic activity happening in Queen Street.”

She wants to work with the council to harness what she believes is St Marys’ untapped potential – as a night time destination.

“In terms of restaurants, there’s a an economy that doesn’t exist here at the moment,” she said. 

“There’s families moving into the area that would love that sort of stuff. They want to be able to take their children to places at night time where it’s safe and vibrant – and and close to home.”

Ms Car will welcome opposition treasurer Ryan Park to St Marys for an official office opening on Friday, June 16 from 3pm.

  • Ms Car’s office is located at 154 Queen Street, St Marys.