Police expect further action following truck crash

Police expect further action to be taken after a truck that crashed at Cambridge Gardens was found to have major defects.

The truck and dog trailer ran over a traffic light at the intersection of the Northern Road and Dunheved Road on March 20 after the driver applied the brakes but it failed to stop.

The truck was fully laden with spoil from a construction project and mounted the footpath to avoid colliding with cars stopped at the lights about 7.40am, running over the traffic light before coming to a stop, police said in a statement.

“Joint Traffic Taskforce Officers attended a short time later, escorting the truck and trailer under tow, to the Roads and Maritime Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station at Penrith where, after inspection, major defects were issued for worn tyres, inoperative/poorly functioning brakes, engine oil and differential leaks, loose bumpers and various loose and missing bolts,” police stated.

The truck and trailer were later towed to the owner’s yard for repairs.

“Joint Traffic Taskforce Officers have now commenced further inquiries into the operation of the truck and trailer, along with other vehicles, with further action pending,” police stated.

State Operations Commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Superintendent Stuart Smith said it was fortunate there were no other road users seriously injured or even killed as a result of the crash.

"Yet another incident involving a truck and dog trailer, fully laden moving construction spoil, no brakes, bald tyres, and other defects, clearly a grave risk on our roads,” he said in a statement.

"Those operators, drivers, contractors, and others involved must be fully accountable, and take responsibility for their actions. Those that don't should expect their trucks, and fleets to be subject of compliance, and enforcement, in order to ensure the safety of all that use our roads, every day of every week.

"With our truck and dog trailer operations in recent weeks, it is disappointing to see yet another combination in a poor state or repair.

"The continuing risk to the community is unacceptable, and won't be tolerated."