Beauty and the Geek at Panthers

Don’t be surprised if you see somewhere familiar on tonight’s episode of Beauty and the Geek.

Tonight’s episode has a distinct Penrith flavour where Panthers’ Evan Theatre is the scene of the geek challenge.

The seven remaining geeks enter the ring and get ready to rumble with professional wrestlers from the Australasian Wrestling Federation.

Members of the public were invited to be part of the audience when the challenge was filmed in July.

Town planner geek Jason took on Massive Q in the challenge.

‘‘You may have the muscles but I have the dance moves,’’ he tells his opponent.

Online webmaster geek Cody tell his rival:

‘‘I’m going to download my fist into your face.’’

Jason said television viewers are in for a treat.

‘‘It was an interesting experience performing in front of a crowd and seeing how it all works from a wrestling point of view,’’ he told Star.

‘‘I think viewers will  be surprised as all the geeks do well. Some of us don’t have the best physical attributes, especially myself and Cody. But we do our best and put on a show. The crowd from Penrith were brilliant.’’

Jason, who is partnered with Kristy on the show and had his nipple pierced on last week’s episode has no regrets about his time on the program.

‘‘It was the best experience of my life,’’ he said.

‘‘I have more confidence, came out my shell and can talk to girls better.’’

Beauty and the Geek airs tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 7.

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