Bridge deemed too close to home

JOE Grassi says it's a case of NIMBY syndrome — Not In My Backyard. 

Having lobbied for a solution to the Victoria Bridge predicament since 2007, Mr Grassi said the Nepean River Users Group's biggest problem with a new and separate bridge is that it will invade privacy.

When people walk or cycle across the bridge, they may be able to see into residents' backyards on the riverbanks.

"At the end of the day, people on the other side of the river can look into the backyards of the people there anyway," he said. "I understand people's concerns but I don't think they're seeing the big picture and if the bridge were built I think it'd enhance the value of their properties."

While the group's campaign was based on at least eight concerns regarding the new bridge, privacy was not one of them. Mr Grassi said the concerns raised by the group were just window dressing. "There's no other reason. They're not mentioning privacy because of the very fact that as soon as they mention it people will say you've got a vested interest so they've got to come up with other concerns that shy away from the main concern," he said.

Responding to the suggestion of attaching a pedestrian and cycling bridge to the current bridge, Mr Grassi said it would be "like bolting something onto an old car".

He said the concern from local rowers was valid and needed to be addressed when designing the new bridge.

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