Threat to trees

A GROUP of green thumbs was concerned to discover recently the reality behind the disappearing population of trees and flora across the Penrith region.

The Western Sydney Conservation Alliance held a tour that trekked from Kingswood through to Claremont Meadows and St Marys bushland areas on Sunday, October 21.

The day featured guest speakers including scientists and conservationists from education and environmental institutes in Penrith.

Scientist Markus Riegler from the University of Western Sydney informed attendees about the growing problem of the eucalypt-attacking insects, Psyllids.

Participants were able to see and learn first-hand the effects of the these insects as well as the impact of property and infrastructure development.

President of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance, Geoff Brown, said it was important for all members of the community to be aware of the environmental problems the area faced.

"We wanted to hear from scientists about what's happening to these areas and what is going to happen if we don't do something," he said.

"It was an educational experience. It all comes down to human activity that upsets the balance of things, like rubbish dumping, fires, housing developments.

"The environment suffers the most, if we don't get on top of this problem you could see a localised extinction of trees in the future."

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