Council rolls out bin replacement program

THEY'RE green, they're clean and after a short disappearing act, they're ready to once again feed the recycling machine.

Cranebrook became one of the first areas in Penrith to have the green-lidded organics bin replaced when Penrith Council began its Organics Bin Replacement Program last week.

Over six weeks, 50,000 bins from across the city will be replaced due to wear and tear and the need for a better-fitting lid.

One Cranebrook resident told the Star she was surprised to learn of the changeover program on collection morning last week after struggling to lug her emptied bin down the driveway.

"As I turned it around to put it back, I noticed there were no wheels," she said.

A council spokesman said wheels and lids had been detached from the bins to ease the replacement.

He added that residents would be given at least a week's notice that their green bin would be replaced.

"Wheels and lids are taken off so the maximum number can be stacked on the truck and removed in the least number of runs," the spokesman said.

The "gobsmacked" Cranebrook resident also expressed concern that the energy and resources used to replace "perfectly fine" bins would diminish the positive impact Penrith locals have had on the environment since the introduction of the three bin system.

But the spokesman said the council was being environmentally conscious throughout the program, which is costing $1.39 million.

"It's great residents are focused on sustainability and have dramatically reduced the waste going to landfill since the three bin system was introduced," he said.

"The older bins will be recycled and any bins in good order will be retained for reuse."

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