Star readers: Luddenham Public School

The Alchemyst, reviewed by Emily Anderson 

My favourite types of stories are Fantasy. That’s why I started reading The Alchemyst. It is by Michael Scott. It’s in the series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel.

The book is about Sophie and Josh Newman. They both had regular jobs – Sophie at a Coffee Shop, Josh at a Book Store. Until there was an explosion at the Book Store, they had no idea that magic was actually real. The explosion was created by Dr. John Dee, who wanted the book of Abraham the Mage. He does get most of the book. Josh snagged the last two pages at the last minute of the fight. He also snatched Nicholas’ wife Perenelle Flamel. What will happen next? Well that’s something for you to find out.

I LOVED the book. It was fantasy with some non-fiction. My favourite character is Scathach who comes in later in the novel. Her nickname is Scatty. She is over 2000 years old, give or take a few years. She is my favourite character because she is a fearless warrior. You don’t get many warriors that are girls but I took a liking to her.

I would recommend this to people aged 10+. It does have a lot of violence and fighting. People who like Action, Fiction and Facts would read and enjoy. I would give The Alchemyst a 10/10 because, in my opinion, it had no faults. Read it someday…… you won’t regret it!

Ballet Shoes, reviewed by Grace Chamberlin

In August-September 2012 I read a fiction book called Ballet Shoes by Noel Strathfield.

Ballet Shoes is about three girls called Pauline, Petrova and Posy. All three of them are adopted. But when Great Uncle Matthew (GUM) leaves his Granddaughter Sylvia in charge of them down the track, things happen. After all of Gum’s money is gone, all of the girls have to live a life on the stage. Pauline is an outstanding actress, Petrova can recite very well but enjoys fixing engines and cars and Posy lives to dance. When they all grow up they become different. Posy wants to dance, Pauline wants to act and Petrova wants to fly. When this happens all three girls ask themselves if someone were to become one of us who would they be?

I loved this book. It showed how when the going gets tough you will always have family. I thought it was great. My favourite part was when they asked themselves if someone were to become one of them which one of them they would be.

I rate this book a 10/10 it was amazing. I also recommend this book to dancers, actors or people who enjoy a good book. I believe ages 11 and up should consider reading this book. I’m sure they won’t regret it!

So you Thing you Know Harry Potter, reviewed by Nick Sibary 

Recently I have been reading, or should I say quizzing myself on a quiz book by the name of, So you Thing you Know Harry Potter.

This thrilling quiz book puts you to the test about Harry Potter. This fabulous book is crammed with over 1000 questions about Harry Potter! The questions are stated in the front of the book in difficulty order. One star is easy; two stars medium and 3 stars, hard. All the questions are based on the books and movies such as The Goblet of Fire, Prisoner of Azkaban, Chamber of Secrets, Philosopher’s Stone, and more!

I thought that this book questioned all aspects of the Harry Potter series. These questions were really challenging. I thought that this book was great. Some of these questions were so easy, but others, not so much.

I would recommend this book to Harry Potter fans and people who enjoy a challenge. I would give it a rating of 9/10 because it is always a good challenge that tests your knowledge on Harry Potter.

The Locket of Dreams, reviewed by  Jessee Sales-Hobart

The Locket of Dreams is a book by Belinda Murrel which is based in Scotland in 1854. I read this book in August 2012. The book is about two girls whose names are Charlotte and Eleanor (but everybody called her Nell). The girls’ lives are perfect with parents one minute, the next their lives are lonely and sad.

The Locket of Dreams is about the lives of two sisters, Charlotte and Nell through the eyes of a girl from the 21st century, called Sophie. The girls have everything from a beautiful house to a maid. But when the first disaster happens, it triggers other disasters, like dominoes. The girls have to move to Australia miles away from their home in which they grew up. To find out the rest of the story, read it for yourself!!!

I thought this book was really good because you feel like you were part of history. I liked all of the characters especially Charlotte because she was brave and took the responsibility of caring for Nell.

I would recommend this book to girls aged 8+ who like history type books. I rate this book a 10/10

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