Personalised tuition

AS class sizes increase, it can be difficult for your child to receive the individual help needed to do well in school.

Frontrunner Learning Centres in Penrith and Rooty Hill can provide your child with the necessary education and assistance needed to catch-up in class.

At the centres, the qualified and experienced teachers work together to create a positive and safe learning environment for your child.

Director of the Penrith centre Trenna Newman said parents who use the service can be assured their child is being looked after by people who have spent much of their lives studying and honing their skills.

"Our staff have devoted much of their lives to understanding the learning process and learning how to best get messages across to kids," Ms Newman said.

The centres cater to school-aged children and specialise in English and mathematics. They also offer subjects ranging from history to study skills and provide highly effective support to children with dyslexia.

Teachers at the centre work according to three levels including: skills, knowledge and attitudes.

"The kids get personalised tuition," Ms Newman said. "That's something a school can't give because schools are syllabus-focused and, at school, kids have to fulfil the requirements of the syllabus. With us, we fulfil the needs of the child; it's our job to find out what the child needs and make sure each child's needs are fulfilled."

Ms Newman said that, at the centres, teachers respond to an individual child's needs quickly and appropriately.

"We have an educational philosophy — not a set of programs," she said. "That means we create a program for each child. We don't pull a program off the shelf and make the kids fit it."

● Details:

● Penrith: Phone:4722 5598; Address: 29 Doonmore Street, Penrith.

● Rooty Hill: Phone: 9832 8299; Address: Suite 6, The Metwest Centre, 88 Rooty Hill Road North, Rooty Hill.

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