Scooting to the championships

HIS wild tricks and airborne antics aren't the only reason Jackson Bartlett ought to hold on tight.

What began as an adrenaline rush at the skate park with mates four years ago has landed the now pro scooter rider a ticket to London for the International Scooter Association championships later this month.

After triumphing at the Australian titles, the 16-year-old Penrith resident's incredible rise to the championships will see him compete — and travel — overseas for the first time.

"It'll be different but it'll be good," he said. "I wanted to go to London so it was a good feeling getting a spot and it'll just be a great time with everyone there."

While Bartlett admitted the competition would be pretty tough he said he was keen for both the tricks and treats of the championships.

"It's not every day you get all of the pro riders in the world in one place," he said.

"There'll be nerves but it's just about having a lot of fun over there and I'm really excited to have a good time and hang out."

When he is behind the handle bars, however, he'll be determined to spin, flip and muscle his way to the championship title.

"Hopefully, it may happen. But there will be a lot of other strong riders out there so it just depends on what kind of a day I have. It's a great feeling to represent Australia, not that I ever have before."

He is sponsored by Madd Gear and while the training schedule isn't too hectic — he doesn't have a specific training day — he hopes to forge a jet-setting career. "It'd be great to just travel the world and ride my scooter with mates."

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