Garden knowledge shared

AS summer approaches the warm weather and dry conditions may take a toll on your gardens.

Penrith Garden Club secretary, Heather Higgs says there are steps you can take to protect your plants and ensure they survive the warmer months.

"Mulching can reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees and reduce evaporation by half," she said.

"There are two types of mulch; organic or pebbles and stones.

"In bushfire-prone areas, pebbles would be better to use, otherwise it's very good to use the organic stuff.

"Plants should be fertilised in spring or the chemicals will burn the plant in the heat."

She also says different plants have different requirements and suggests gardening enthusiasts be observant.

"The thing about gardens is that there is no formula, you may have plants that don't need to be watered every day," she said.

"Watering is important, but more plants are killed by too much water, because they can't breathe through their roots."

Mrs Higgs said providing the correct amount of shade was also something to consider.

"If you have pot plants move them to a shadier position or inside, providing a shade cloth can really help plants," she said.

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