Rewards for ringcraft

TALK to the knuckles; the fist is full of medals.

The Toe The Line Boxing team from Jabout Penrith fought their way to a sensational haul of eight medals at the National Golden Gloves Tournament in Queensland last month.

Winning six gold and two silver, the team of nine fighters proved themselves feisty champions and challengers in the ring.

"You train hard to try and get the results but you don't go expecting to win medals so it was a good achievement, considering the prestige of the tournament," head trainer Mark Grech said.

"I had faith in these guys and I suppose arrogantly I said I would like to come back with at least eight medals but that was being optimistic."

While Grech was stoked with the victories, he said the glove-struck reaction his competitors received from their opposition during the tournament was also a highlight.

"We got into situations where they wouldn't even put up a fight after seeing them in their first bout," Grech said. "They saw us fight and then they've gone, 'nah, your girl or guy is just too good, you can get a walk over to the final or even to the win'."

Among his team, Grech said gold medallist Blake Lazich, 14, overcome the biggest pre-bout adversity.

"He had to drop a kilo the day of weigh in and then he went out and won his fight," Grech said.

"That's probably huge for a 14-year-old to do that.

"I'm very proud, I'm ecstatic," Grech said.

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