Are Arnie and Maria back together?

A glimpse of a wedding band is all it has taken for the rumour mill to go into overdrive over a possible reconciliation between Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Shriver was spotted wearing her wedding band to a California beauty salon at the weekend, hinting that the 56-year-old and her 65-year-old former partner may be patching things up, reports The Sun.

The estranged couple have been in the throes of divorce for the past 15 months, following the discovery of Schwarzenegger's affair with his housemaid, Mildred Baena, with whom the Terminator star had a secret love child 14 years ago.

The news comes after a volly of eyebrow-raising revelations from the 'Sperminator' of late, not least the admission that the former governor reportedly said he would "[get] me a 20-year-old honey" if Shriver was to leave him, reports Newsweek.

The bodybuilder-turned-politician last week told Piers Morgan Tonight that he is solely to blame for the split. "I screwed up badly and I take the full blame for it", he admitted on the American news affairs programme.

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