New time, new station, the Joe and Kevin show returns

THE Joe and Kevin show returned to TV last night when the old Seven Sunrise sparring partners joined The Project to joust about Alan Jones. Kevin Rudd focused on Jones' Liberal credentials (though he's not a party member), recalling that he had had a go at preselection in Joe Hockey's seat of North Sydney.

Mr Hockey reminded the former PM - who suggests dealing with the Jones matter is a test of Tony Abbott's leadership - that he didn't sack a Labor backbencher who claimed ''that [Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella] was going to give birth to a devil baby''.

The shadow treasurer recalled Jones ''gave you a fantasic interview in 2007''. But the man love was stronger than the bickering. They beamed as they switched to the topic of leadership. ''The way his colleagues treated him during the last leadership ballot was the worst I've seen in politics,'' Mr Hockey said. No argument from Mr Rudd about that.

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