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Captain Underpants and the terrifying return of Tippy Tinkletrousers, reviewed by Jayda Greenup

Time to take a trip back through time when George and Harold were… Kinder-gartners! In this cuckoo-crazy book the scariest thing the kindergartners had to face was, not evil toilets or bionic booger boys, but a sixth grade, despicable bully named Kipper Krupp! He is the nephew of their clueless principal Mr Krupp. Unfortunately, George and Harold don’t invent Captain Underpants until they’re in fourth grade. Can George and Harold put their heads together to defeat Kipper and his horrid gang of burglars at Jerome Horwitz Elementary School?

This book is awesome and funny! I really enjoyed reading this book, I never suspected the special sort of ending in this book. I give it 10 out of 10. My favourite part is when Underpants keeps taunting Tippy to shoot the captain with his ice beam. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading!

The Silver Door, reviewed by Myra Hai

The Silver Door is the second book of a three door trilogy. This fantastic story will captivate you as Rye and Sonia continue their journey to destroy the enemy and find Rye’s brothers. This other-worldly experience will capture your heart as you venture into Emily Rodda’s world of fantasy.

This story first started in the make-believe city of Weld and continues into the fell-zone. Here Rye and Sonia will find Dirk and Sholto, destroy the enemy and discover their fate with the help of the remaining five magical and mysterious powers. This overwhelming expe-rience will blow you away as you enter ‘The Silver Door’

Emily Rodda’s descripting writing will give you full motion pictures using the best movies screen of all… your imagination! Emily Rodda’s intent is to give you the best entertainment, using your imagination and emotions to truly feel the stories surroundings. You will definite-ly get the best entertainment out of this book by feeling the characters sadness, surprise and happiness.

As I joined the fun and terror in ‘The Silver Door’, I realised that this book is something that I would recommend to, not only Emily Rodda fans, but all those fantasy readers who enjoy the mysterious touch and the most perilous of journeys. So come and join the adven-ture through the Silver Door.

The Iron Man, reviewed by William

This sci-fi story is about a giant iron man and a small boy called Hogarth. The story is set in the country side, in a valley near the sea.

During the story a gigantic creature, the author calls ‘the space-bat-angel-dragon’ threatens the earth and lands of Australia by covering it completely with it’s body. Nobody is squashed because the mountains and hill prop up the creature’s body. Ted Hughes definitely has you on the edge of your seat!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this sc-fi adventure. I liked the way the author made it seem like the iron giant was evil, but all along he was good and ended up saving the world! I would recommend The Iron Man to all fans of science fiction books.

Flat Stanley, reviewed by Kyle Homan

“Flat Stanley” is a great novel by Jeff Brown. The main character is Flat Stanley. At the beginning of the story he gets flattened by a bulletin board. There are a lot more stories about “Flat Stanley”, but this is the original story.

When Stanley got flattened by the bulletin board everybody was scared but then he thought it was fun. He could slide under doors and fit in small places that he couldn’t fit in before. He would do his family and friends favours for example; his mum dropped her ring down a drain so his mum got Stanley to get it for her. But Arthur (his brother) is a very jealous boy.

I enjoyed this story because I had no ides what was going to happen next. There were quite a lot of hilarious illustrations in the book too.

I would recommend this book to ages 10-17 and I think that Jeff Brown is a very talented author as he has written a lot of different stories. I give this book a 10 out of 10.

The 13-Storey Treehouse, reviewed by Matthew’ Sigua

All I’m going to write about in this book review is “The 13-Storey Treehouse”. Would you want to read a book like this? Well I’m going to tell you all about it. Please stick with me through out this amazing wacky adventure to come!

In the start, there are two kids who own a 13-Storey Tree house, Andy and Terry. In their tree house they have many things. They have a bowling alley, a shark tank, a pool, swinging vines and heaps more! They made a cat fly!!(Somehow don’t ask me.) They also blew one of them in a bubblegum balloon. They also ordered sea monkeys but it was actually a sea mermaid, but the sea mermaid was actually…. Wait! 

Sorry about that I was gong to reveal it all. Oops! Ha ha! Sorry but to continue further, You Have To Read It Yourself!!  DIY! Do it yourself! That’s right, because you have to read this book, it’s AMAZING! There are heaps more things and they need to write their own book for a school project.

And I bet you want to know the rest of that sea mermaid stuff! Hmm you know you want to! And there’s also part where it’s written in comics style. The Illustrator Terry Denton is really creative and wacky! So please read this book. I think it’s aimed for kids that are 8-12years or if it were read to the child, then 6-8years. I would give the book a rating of 100/10! 

The Truth About Verity Sparks, reviewed by Rebecca Flaxman

Today I am reviewing a book called “ The Truth About Verity Sparks.” The author is Susan Green with who I am impressed with because of the story and where it takes place. The main character in the story is Verity Sparks a milliner’s apprentice [ a hat maker’s apprentice.]

The young girl Verity Sparks has a unique skill; the professor calls it telagtivism [able to find things by thinking about them.] On the way to deliver a hat terrible things happen. Accused for theft, mugged, and kicked out of her job could anything else go wrong! On the brighter side of things she joins the CIA [the Confidential Inquiry Agency.] She also meets a nice group of people who take care of her. What do you think will happen to Verity? Why would this happen to her?

I enjoyed the book because of the mysterious things that happen. Is the book long and thick or is it short and thin - you’ll have to find out. There are no illustrations but I have to say if someone reads this to you close your eyes there will be a movie! What an amazing book. Did I mention that it was set in London 1878!

This book is great for Y6-Y9 maybe even adults. If you’re interested in a mystery READ THIS BOOK! I give the book a 10/10! Read this book it is amazing. 

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