Granville memories

Barry Gobbe is looking for memories from people about the Granville train disaster 35 years ago. He is trying to re-unite people and also retrieve any information, as little as it may seem, from anyone who was in carriages 1, 3 and 4 or anyone in the untouched carriages 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 who travelled from the Mountains, especially those who boarded at the start of the journey.

Details: info@thedayoftheroses or 0416 256 967.

No 5 is out now

Telstra will offer iPhone 5 to customers in Penrith from this week. iPhone 5, thin and light, has a new 4-inch Retina display, an Apple-designed A6 chip and fast wireless technology. "We're excited to offer the groundbreaking iPhone 5 on Penrith's only 4G service," said Andrew Bogg, Telstra Country Wide area general manager for Sydney North.

Details: or

Mega games

Australia's first international subbuteo tournament took place at Mega Games last Saturday. Emu Heights enthusiast and tournament organiser Brett Davis said it was encouraging to see people, including two overseas visitors, attend the games. Mega Games' co-owner Christine Stamatakis said the tournament lasted for four hours. "It brought in a lot of people who were walking past and wanted to see what was going on," she said. "It really put Penrith on the map because a lot of these guys had never been here before." The winner, Eliot Kennedy, gave his prize, about $100 worth of boardgame products donated by Crown & Andrews, towards building a subbuteo league. "If we can get a league going, there's a good chance we'll get more tournaments in Penrith," Mrs Stamatakis said.

Work walking

Don't forget the Bupa Walk to Work Day, now in its 14th year, encouraging employees and employers to build regular walking into their daily routines. It is on Friday, September 28, and there is still time to plan to walk some or all of the way to work. Register online for free and pledge to walk all or part of the way to work or sign up your company as a Walking Workplace.


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