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IF you're waking up tired you could have a sleep disorder called sleep apnoea.

Shahram Mirhosseini is a sleep technician at the Priceline Pharmacy, Penrith who conducts home sleep studies aimed at the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

OSA is a serious and common disorder in which people who are diagnosed with the condition stop breathing briefly many times during the night.

Symptoms of OSA include snoring, nocturnal choking, daytime sleepiness and tiredness, un-refreshing sleep and morning headaches.

OSA could lead to more dangerous health problems such as high blood pressure, Diabetes Type II, heart attacks, strokes and depression.

Patients usually participate in the study after a referral from their general practitioner and home sleep study is usually conducted at a patients' home.

"Most people prefer to do the test in their own beds as it is more convenient compared to either a laboratory or hospital based test," Mr Mirhosseini said. "During the study, patients will have access to a sleep technician by phone if they need further instructions during home testing."

Mr Mirhosseini said there are many benefits of taking the Priceline Pharmacy Penrith home sleep study test.

"Home testing is cheaper and it's mainly covered by Medicare with an out-of-pocket charge of $75 which may be covered by some private health funds," he said. "Also, there is no waiting list."

The test takes eight hours to complete and records the patients sleeping patterns and various other variables. Results from the study are then electronically transmitted to a sleep technician for review.

Before the sleep home study is conducted, patients are required to take part in a 45 minutes consultation and after the sleep specialist has reviewed the test findings, they will assist with the recommended treatment.

Treatment for OSA is generally the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine which is for sale at the Priceline Pharmacy Penrith.

Details: Phone: 4724 2050.

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