Good advice on diabetes

WHEN you have been diagnosed with diabetes it's important to know how to look after yourself in a healthy way.

To promote good health as well as advice about how to live with diabetes, Blooms the Chemist in Penrith Westfield is holding a Diabetes Health Day on Wednesday, September 26, from 9am to noon.

Retail manager of Blooms the Chemist Emma Jacklin said Diabetes Health Day was about educating their customers about diabetes.

"The main focus will be on our customers who are living with diabetes but everyone is welcome," she said. "The in-store Diabetes Health Day will help to raise awareness about the appropriate ways to manage many aspects of living with diabetes, including caring for their blood glucose meter and also caring for their feet with the appropriate foot wear and supports."

At the event there will be a representative from Accu-Chek who will be in-store checking and cleaning customers Accu-Chek blood glucose meters.

Representatives from blood pressure monitor company, Omron, will be advising attendees about appropriate blood pressure meters and they will also be taking blood pressure readings.

A Neat Feat representative will conduct a one-minute check that will highlight any problems with your feet as well as offer advice on the appropriate foot supports.

Also, a Blooms in-store fitting specialist will be able to assist with any of your Homyped shoe needs.

Blooms pharmacists will be available at any time throughout the day to assist customers with any diabetes and health related questions.

Blooms hold a number of activities and events throughout the year.

Ms Jacklin said the chemist recently held a Naturopath Day.

"We held a Naturopath Day at the end of July which saw our pharmacist and naturopath, advising our customers about the wide range natural therapies that we have available," she said.

"We will hold another day similar to this in the near future."

At the chemist, they can also conduct medication reviews for patients when recommended by their doctor. This is done either in-store or in the comfort of their own home.

Pharmacists at the chemist also carry out ongoing blood pressure checks for customers.

Pharmacists and staff can provide health advice on the latest products and medications, year round.

Details: Blooms the Chemist is at Shop 110 Penrith Westfield, Penrith. Phone: 4721 8117. Email:

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