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BOOK REVIEW By Edan Corner

The Help

The book I’ve selected to review is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  This is a humorous fiction based on real-life.  It was written by Stockett in memory of her childhood maid, Dimitrie.

The book is based in the town of Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960’s where black women served their white mistresses by cooking and cleaning as well as caring for their babies.

The characters in the story are two maids, Abileen and Minny, and three white mistresses:  Miss Skeeter Phelan, Miss Elizabeth Lefolt and Miss Hilly Holbrook.

Abileen worked for Miss Lefolt who had a 3 year old child, Mae Mobley, who loved Abileen very much.  Minny, the other maid, was falsely accused of theft by her employer, was abused by her husband and was the mother of 5 kids, with one on the way.  Miss Hilly was a nasty woman, who influences her friend’s decisions and tried to run the town.  Miss Lefolt obeyed everything Hilly said.  It was Miss Skeeter who encouraged Abileen and Minny to share their life experiences in a book which she was writing to expose the racial prejudice which existed in the town.

I particularly enjoyed the incident where Minny got her revenge on Miss Hilly by adding a secret ingredient to her favourite chocolate-caramel pie.  You have to read the book to find out what it was!

I recommend this book to people 12 and up as the theme on racism is at their level of understanding.

BOOK REVIEW  By Kaitlyn Roet


The book I am reading is an entertaining novel in cartoons called “Diary of  A Wimpy Kid”, book 3 of the series.  This is the 3rd book out of 6 named “The Last Straw”, written by Jeff Kinney.


This story is set in the year 2008 while the main character “Greg” is stuck in middle school, 7th Grade.  The places are set in school and at home telling what his life is about.  He has been both lazy and wimpy.  He spends it during Easter and Christmas holidays.


The main characters are Greg, brother Rodrick and Manny and best friend Rowley.  He has a crush on Holly Hills then Natasha and then a new girl, Trista.


“Diary of a Wimpy Kid” is about a 12 year old boy named Greg stuck in middle school.  He spends his life being lazy and wimpy making other students bully him.  He has two brothers, big brother Rodrick and little brother Manny.  Greg has a best friend named Rowley.

Greg has a secret girl crush he only tells his family and best friend.  Her name is “Holly Hills”.  Sooner or later Greg got over her.  On Valentines Day he gave a note to a girl named Natasha.  Natasha had no card to owe it up, so she grabbed a card from her box that was supposed to be for her friend Chantelle who was out sick that day and gave it to Greg.  It was a cheap store card, but Greg still has some respect for it.  Near the end, a new girl named ‘Trista’, so on Greg was in luck.


I recommend this book for all ages 12 and over because most words, sentences are a bit hard to understand.

BOOK REVIEW By Mariah Zdelar

Victor’s Quest

The book that I will review is called Victor’s Quest and is written by Pamela Freeman.  It is the best book I have ever read.  I hope you enjoy it.

This book that I will review is set in the dark and scary forest of Nevermore that Victor and his horse Quince ‘Venture’.  The story is happening in the present and it talks about Victor and his horse going through the forest to find a girl to marry so he can become King.

Victor’s Quest is about Victor and his horse Quince who goes on a quest to find a princess to marry but before they go on their quest, the palace gardener Marigold, gives Victor all these magic cure medicines for safety.  On their way they bump into his large bat named Carruthe who helps him along the way.

The characters in the story is Marigold who is the palace gardener and is very smart with her medicines, Victor who is the main character of the story, is sent on a quest, and is very dumb and very clumsy.  Quince is Victor’s horse and is Victor’s ride along the way.  The last character in this book is Carruthers and he is a large, furry, orange bat that also helps Victor with his quest.

I recommend this book for children 9-12 because it is a book that 9 year olds would like but also has some hard words here and there.  The message this book gave me was that if someone is not very smart don’t judge them and give them a chance. 



The book I have decided to review is Mockingjay which is the final book in the Hunger Games Trilogy and was released in 2010.  The trilogy was written by Suzanne Collins and is a fictional fantasy set in the future.  The author was inspired to write the books when she was channel surfing between a war documentary and a game show.

The book takes place in Panem, in District13.  During the book the Rebels travelled to the ruins of 12, District 2 and the Capitol.

The book starts with Katniss Everdeen mulling over the events which took place in the previous book.  After she realised that Peeta Mallark might be hurt by the leaders of the Capitol, she agreed to be the Mockingjay.  The Mockingjay was a symbol of the rebellion, started in the 74th Hunger Games and was brought out in Catching Fire.  Katniss decided to shoot propos to encourage the Districts into joining the rebellion.  After they captured 2, the Rebels led an attack on the Capitol.  They succeeded but sadly Finnick and Prim proved casualties.  When Katniss was about to execute President Snow she killed Coin as well, because she felt she was not the right leader to head the rebellion.

Katniss, who was 17, and a resident of District 12, was the protagonist.  She was very brave and willing to die for those she loved.  She was also highly skilled with a bow and arrow.

I would recommend this book for people 11 and up because of the nature of the subject – it can be quite violent!  It would appeal to anyone who enjoyed a good romance or to those just wanting a thrilling read.

BOOK REVIEW By  Sarah Sorini

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The book I have been reading is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is written by Roald Dahl.  This boos is a comedy and action novel.  The story is set in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  The story is about a young boy named Charlie who’s dream is to visit Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  Willy Wonka puts five golden tickets in a chocolate bar and if you find one you can spend a whole day at the factory.  Charlie finds a ticket and his dream of visiting the chocolate factory becomes reality.

The main character of this book is Charlie Bucket.  Other characters are Willy Wonka, Augustus Gloop, Mike TeaVee, Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde.  All of these children find a golden ticket and visit the factory.

The main idea of this book is discovering how Willy Wonka makes all his delicious treats.  In the book when the 5 children go into different rooms and in each room one child breaks the rules and disappears.  The first room they enter is the room with the chocolate river, everything in this room is edible.  In the room Augustus Gloop falls in the river and goes up one of the pipe.

In the next room Willy Wonka made 3 course gum and Violet Beauregarde tried it.  She got to the dessert which was blueberry pie but she blew up like a blueberry.

They then travelled to the Nut Room.  Veruca Salt tried to grab a squirrel but instead they threw her down the garbage chute where all the bad nuts go.

Next they visit the room where they travel chocolate by TV.  Mike has a turn but it turns out people can’t travel by TV he comes out of the TV and he becomes pocket size.

Charlie is the last child there, it was Charlie who won the prize which was a lifetime supply of chocolate.  As a bonus prize Charlie and his family got to live in the chocolate factory.  Charlie also got to run the factory as long as he shall live.

I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 9 – 13.  For people who like comedy and action this will be the book for you.  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was a great book because if has so many twists and turns and it will make people very eager to read on.

BOOK REVIEW By  Zane Irwin

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.  The Ugly Truth

The book I have chosen to inform you about today is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  The Ugly Truth.

The author of this book is Jeff Kinney.  The type of book is an entertaining narrative.  This book is about Greg Heffley becoming a teenager and all the dramas and pressures that come with it, except there is one twist, he is dealing with it all, without the comfort of a best friend.

The setting of this book is mainly at home, school and the Heffley’s local community.  The main character is Greg Heffley, otherwise known as the wimpy kid.  The other main characters are his really embarrassing mum, his dad, his really annoying older brother Rodrick, the favourite child of the family, his younger brother Manny, his ex best friend Rowley Jefferson and the rest of the Heffley family.

The main events in this test are Greg being discriminated against for his age, Greg losing his best friend Rowley Jefferson, going on the search for a new best friend, boy/girls parties, the school sleep in designed for preschool children, the scandalous inappropriate picture which was TOTALLY misunderstood.

The terrifying speech about growing up by Gammie, his mum writing embarrassing things in the newspaper, being one of the smallest and least popular kids in the school, the horrific cheese touch, Grandpa babysitting and Uncle Garry’s 3rd Wedding are just a few of the major events in the novel.

This book was very funny, dramatic and entertaining all at the same time.  I recommend this book to ages 10 to 12 because younger children may not know about teenage dramas and pressures.  I found this book very entertaining and funny.  It left me wanting to read more of the diary of a wimpy kid series.

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