Business analyst is a novelist, too

TRUDIE Collins, 40, of Glenmore Park, leads a double life. By day, she works as a business analyst with the Commonwealth Bank. In her own time, she has written four adult fantasy books and is about to complete her fifth.

Her five novels — The Guide, The Maze, The Bard, The Pendant and The Assassin — comprise the Tor's Quest series.

"It's set in an alternative world where there's magic, with elves, witches and wizards," she said. "The king dies and whichever son completes the quest gets the crown."

She said the quest contains the usual twists, surprises and violence to be expected in such stories. "I enjoy writing; I never thought about making money from it. It's more of a hobby."

She always wanted to be a writer, even as a schoolgirl in England where she wrote short stories in class.

Eleven years ago she and her husband, Peter, migrated to Australia and settled in Claremont Meadows before moving to Sydney and then back west to Glenmore Park.

They have one child, Tony.

"I got bored travelling to work each day on the train to the city. Peter said I'd always told him I wanted to be a writer so I should spend the time writing," she said.

At first she found it difficult getting her work published so she decided to self-publish through Amazon.

"I enjoy my work as a business analyst and the bank is a good place to work. But if I could make writing my full-time job I'd say Yes!" she said.

After completing The Assassin she has plans for several more books, including a prequel to Tor's Quest.

She'll keep living a double life, pursuing her own quest.


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