Players show flair - after a fashion

THEY'RE full of style on the field but Michael Gordon and Travis Burns also know fashion to a tee.

Setting up a new venture away from the classy plays and glamorous tries of their football careers, the feisty and electrifying Panthers stars have launched their own clothing line under the brand name Three Day Bender.

Currently designing, producing and marketing a range of men's T-shirts, the pair began the business about a month ago after noticing the hefty price tags on casual shirts that didn't quite nail fashion as accurately as Gordon or Burns nail their goal-kicking.

"They're just simple T-shirts you wear when you're going out for a beer or going out with your mates or having a game of golf," Burns said.

"We've got a graphic designer, Jake Matthews, who has come in with us to do our designs, so they're all hand drawn and custom done and when he's got something, we overlook them and put our creative touch on them."

Gordon and Burns have both completed a diploma of business and according to the man affectionately known to fans as "Flash", he's the intelligence behind the operation while Burns, who Gordon described as "the perfect salesperson", is the brawn.

"Flash is the brains — he's a very switched on sort of bloke whereas I'm the go-getter," Burns said.

"I could sell ice to Eskimos."

Both Gordon and Burns have battled football- related injuries recently and while it's been a minor burden, it hasn't stopped them pursuing their "3DB" project.

"It's been tough but that's why we went down the avenue of T-shirts," Burns said.

"It's something you can do away from footy.

"We've got a lot of shirts so Flash and I got the hammer and chisel out and made a little office space that we've got all our shirts in."

While the pair aren't viewing Three Day Bender as a career for life after football, they're hoping to one day expand their men's range into singlets and hoodies as well as introducing a women's and children's range.

However, that will happen only if the initial product line, which targets teenagers through to Burns' 87-year-old grandad, is a success.

"They're pretty relaxed tees and the people of Penrith are pretty easy going, so it should be a good fit," Gordon said.

"We haven't had the best footy season but we plan on finishing well and we'd love all the support we can get — fans rocking up in their 3DB shirts in the black hole would be nice."

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