Ensitech: the success story

MR White said his journey began in 2002, when he decided to invent a machine that could remove the rust efficiently.

For four years he and his team experimented with different elements.

"In 2007 we made 10 prototypes of the TIG Brush," Mr White said. "I was making them in my garage in Faulconbridge. We had lots of problems, but customers still liked the brushes which they said were safe and fast."

However Ensitech, founded in 2006, was still not making a profit.

"In 2008 we put our last few dollars into the annual National Manufacturing Week in Sydney," Mr White said.

"We ended up with 200 customers."

He said Ensitech, which now employs nine permanent staff, has never looked back.

"We're now exporting to Europe, Japan and Taiwan," he said. "In 2009 we won MyBusiness Magazine's Small Business of the Year Award."

Mr White says his company's success shows that Australian manufacturers can compete internationally, not by cutting costs but by enhancing quality.

"We're adding value, rather than digging something out of the ground," he said. "I think Australia could become the Germany of the Southern Hemisphere."

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