Star Readers: Jamisontown Public School

Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, reviewed by Brooklyn Lewis, 3R

The story was about an old man called Mr Magorium and his assistant Molly Mahoney. Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is the most magical toy store in the world! A young boy named Eric spent almost every day there. But one day Mr Magorium announced he was leaving the toy store and wanted his assistant Molly Mahoney to run Mr Magorium’s store.

My favourite part was when all the toys came alive.

I really like this book!

Roswell Rukus, Crash Landing in Mexico, reviewed by Ryan Naylor, 3R

The book is about Marvin the Martian crash landing in New Mexico. Daffy Duck and Porky Pig went to investigate the crash site.

My favourite part was when Daffy Duck drank a potion and went all over the place like a bowling ball!

The book was better than I thought it would be!

Madagascar Born to be Wild, reviewed by Liam Firth, 3R

The story was about four animals. They were all best friends. There was a Hippo, a Lion, Zebra and Giraffe. One day it was the Zebra’s birthday. He wished that he could live in the jungle. All the friends heard the news.

That night the Zebra went missing. The Lion knew where he was, so he told the animals to go to train station. So they did, and they saw their best friend. Then a lady called a bunch of people who had guns. They shot the animals and then they got put in a box.

Then they all fell out of the box onto an island and they met up with each other. The Lion was angry and drew a line in the sand. The Lion and Zebra both built shelters - the Zebra’s one was better than the Lion’s one. The next day they found out they were in the jungle.

I liked this book.

Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo, reviewed by Katie

Miss Moo is a cow she lived on a farm in the countryside.

It starts off as all the other animals lived happily together but Miss Moo was left out all the time. Miss Moo was very sad.

Next Miss Moo came to the city zoo and that was just the right place for Miss Moo. All the other animals were asking who are you and that went on for a long time.

After that the zoo keeper kicked her out and put her in the petting zoo. She could not believe her eyes!

I loved this book every much.

My favourite part was when Miss Moo went to the petting zoo, because that was the place where she belonged.

Billie Brown and the Midnight Feast, reviewed by Alicia Hawkins, 4R

The story is about Billie and Jack who wanted to have a midnight feast but Billie and Jack were too scared to sleep outside in Billie’s tent.

Billie and Jack went inside to watch a movie. When they came outside it was dark. They were too scared to go outside in the dark so Billie’s dad took the tent inside the house.

My favourite part of the story was when they slept inside.

I loved this book!

Wheels, reviewed by Joshua Jessup, 3R

Carlos, Billy, Harvey, Barney are the characters in this book.

The book was about different sorts of races. Billy and Carlos won the go-kart race. Everyone else fell off theirs!

My favourite part was Carlos’ birthday when he got a go-kart from his brother. When Billy got the go-kart from Carlos he gave him a big hug.

I loved this book so much!

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