Macca's is coming to Penrith, twice more

A NEW McDonald's restaurant on the corner of Castlereagh and Peachtree roads is due to open in August, with plans for another in Orchard Hills as a "long term opportunity",.

The site is opposite the Peachtree Hotel and close to the residential development planned north of Penrith station, with an extension of Peachtree Road serving as one of the access points.

A McDonald's spokeswoman said they believed a store would benefit the area, by boosting jobs and causing a wages influx of $1 million a year.

"We and the local council believe this site is suitable for a business of this size and type," she said.

One Cranebrook resident expressed concern about the heavy traffic along Castlereagh Road.

"The traffic already comes to a standstill in peak periods," she said.

"Add the McDonald's traffic and you will have a ridiculous situation.

"The bottleneck under the railway bridge is already bad."

The spokeswoman understood the concern about traffic, "which is why as part of our investigation, we employ traffic engineers", she said.

She said the findings showed traffic would not be significantly affected.

The long term site is at the corner of The Northern and Wentworth roads. "It is our intention to work with council for consent and we would expect to open the restaurant in a few years," she said.

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