Online minefield

Online minefield

There was a wealth of knowledge among the business leaders at the Lunch'n'Learn function at the Nepean Rowing Club last week, but all of them picked up something to take back to work.

The topic — social media and online marketing — is still tricky for a lot of business people.

The lunch, another in the series run by the Western Sydney Business Growth Centre, contained a mix of questions and comments from the audience and questions and answers from the presenters.

The technical terms — PPC, SEO etc — flew so thick and fast that finally one brave soul admitted defeat and had to ask what they all meant.

Which just goes to show what a minefield online marketing is.

The two presenters — Tim Williams from A Website that Works for you, and Loushen Govender from Adflare Marketing — deftly fielded the worries and problems faced by business owners who are grappling with time, numbers of hits and posts, returns and content.

And it all boiled down to one thing: there are no rules, no rights and wrongs, no perfect strategies.

Some advice for those stumbling over online marketing:

■ Ensure regular contact with your clients

■ Find out what your clients are looking for

■ Look at the relevance and value for your business

■ Understand what Facebook does for you as a business owner

■ Work out which online tool generates the most inquiries and sales for your business.

■ Find out what makes you money.

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