It all added up to a great day

MAKING mathematics fun was the main message of the Maths Deadlys, hosted by Cranebrook High School on Tuesday.

The competition was so titled because "deadly" is common Aboriginal slang for "good".

Eleven teams, each numbering at least one indigenous pupil, were selected from Llandilo and Cambridge Gardens public schools and Cranebrook's Braddock and Samuel Terry public schools.

The Marsupial Mathematicians and Deadly Dashing Dingoes represented Llandilo; Cambridge Gardens Public School sent the Maths Mob, the Deadly Mathematicians and the Numeracy Numbats; Samuel Terry pupils comprised the Numberoos, the Mathmaroos and the Didgeridoos while the Giggling Goannas, the Awesome 4some and the Time Team represented Braddock Public School.

"A good education is the foundation for a good career," the chief executive of Schools Industry Partnership, Ian Palmer, said.

"Mathematics is a subject kids often find difficult, but here maths can be fun."

Pupils from the competing teams, hands poised on buzzers, took turns to answer basic maths questions.

Other competitors worked at solving mathematical puzzles.

Llandilo Public School year 6 pupils Joseph Bugeja and Trent Farley said they enjoyed the day.

"I think it's a fun, great way to do maths," Joseph said.

"I feel really confident here."

Trent said: "It's a great way to learn. It's good too that if you're Aboriginal you get a chance to come here."

Penrith councillor Marcus Cornish said it was one of his best experiences representing the council.

"No child should feel second-rate and this is a wonderful way to boost their confidence and discover their potential," Cr Cornish said.

The Didgeridoos emerged as the winning team from the Maths Deadlys while Cambridge Gardens Public School was the winning school.

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