DJ duo pumped and ready for Defqon.1

The Kamikaze Deejays will be one of the top acts pumping out their beats from the Purple stage at the hardstyle music festival, Defqon.1, on Saturday. 

The Star interviewed the DJ duo who make up the Kamikaze Deejays — Jozzi Halloran and Danny Smith — about their upcoming Defqon.1 performance, their music and their first international debut at Defqon.1 NL, in the Netherlands. 

What makes your music different from other hardstyle artists? 

Danny Smith: We aren’t necessarily focused on trying to be ‘‘different’’ to other hardstyle artists, we just want to produce tracks that we love, make us feel good and make us want to rock out. If you don’t love your own work then how can you expect anyone else to love it?

Jozzi Halloran: In saying this all Kamikaze projects have been tried, tested and loved before their release.

When did Kamikaze Deejays begin and why did you decide to join forces?

DS: The Kamikaze story has literally been a massive journey from the moment we first met and became friends. We have been following this crazy dream ever since and everything has just fallen into place to lead to this moment right here.

JH: Having a mutual understanding and passion for this amazing music has been the primary driver for us to stay focused and motivated in giving the scene our 100 per cent dedication.  

What will you perform at Defqon.1 on Saturday?

DS: We are hoping to have some new tracks finished and be able to give exclusive previews to the festival-goers at Defqon 1.

It’s such an important day for the Australian hardstyle scene and Defqon.1 has become a hallmark moment for all producers and DJ’s to really pump it up and showcase what they have to offer. 

Anyone looking at the crowd can see how they react to these moments, they love being part of the journey and so there is no better feeling than having something special to surprise them with.

What was it like to perform your hits at Defqon.1 NL, in the Netherlands? 

JH: Incredible.

Words cannot describe how amazing not only the festival is, but the people, the country and the passion that exists for hardstyle over there. 

Flying the Australian flag high behind the decks, feeling the positive energy build and build in the stage arena and hearing the crowd sing along with us to our own tracks was absolutely mind blowing — complete sensory overload. 

Did you learn any new skills or techniques whilst performing in the Netherlands? 

DS: Interestingly enough we did. We’ve always thought about jumping on the mic and vocally supporting the tracks we play but have never had the opportunity too. So when we got to Holland we spoke to our MC (MC Shizzler) and he pushed us to give it a go. I think we can both admit we aren’t the greatest MCs to hit the stage but it was such a great experience and we’d love to do more in the future. 

What are you currently working on? 

JH: We are working on a few different projects at the moment, we want to show our versatility and work on projects that are true to both of us. I think the hardest thing is not starting projects but finishing them.

DS: We have a million ideas flying around us all the time but dedicating time and being motivated to finish each project is what’s important to us at the moment.  

How has hardstyle music changed since starting in the industry six years ago?

DS: Hardstyle has always been quite underground but recently there has been a greater influence from other electronic dance music genres and the tracks coming out today are appealing to a much broader audience. Although the music today is quite different to what it was when we first came into this scene many years ago, being a part of the progression and seeing the different sub-genres form has been a real eye-opener for us but honestly we love hardstyle today as much as we did six years ago. 

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