Captain Kingston  focused

IT must have been disappointing to lose the way you did against the Bulldogs?

Yeah it was. A lot of effort and preparation went into the game hoping to do something great but we came up short.

Where did it go wrong?

It's simple — I don't think we played well enough for long enough. I was disappointed with my defence and the team's defence, and we allowed too many yards. Our attack wasn't too bad and we played a pretty good first half but couldn't back it up in the second half.

Have you had a look at where the loss leaves you in the terms of the finals?

We can't think of finals or anything like that or doing maths to see if this team loses and we win. All we can do is focus on getting a win on the weekend.

It's a tough task with Manly this week. Where do you see their main strengths?

Manly are a good team across the park and it doesn't get any harder really than playing them at Brookvale coming off a good win against the Storm. But, hey, why not? We have got nothing to lose, it is more about us this week and having a bit of pride and not finishing the way we did on the weekend.

How has it been being the underdogs this year?

It's not new to us; it's been happening all year. All we can do is focus on ourselves, show a bit of pride and send the players leaving the club out on a good note.

One of those players leaving is Lachlan Coote. It must have been sad to see him announce he is leaving last week?

It's disappointing, especially seeing as he is a local junior, a great bloke and huge part of the team at the moment.

What have been some of the positives to come out of this year?

I think to see the improvement in a lot of players has been pleasing and as a club to build our culture has been a big boost.

What players have impressed you the most?

It's hard to single one out but emergence of youngsters like Matt Moylan, Adam Docker and Isaac John has been a big boost and given us a really good chance to make the eight.

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