Biz bus buzzes in with advice

SMALL businesses in Penrith got a boost from a passing bus last week.

The Small Biz Bus, touring NSW on behalf of the government-subsidised authority, Small Business Connect, stopped in Penrith for a day.

Operators of small businesses and those hoping to be spoke with Small Business Connect's adviser Ian Anderson and officers from the Penrith Business Advisory Centre.

"One-on-one discussion is a far better process than a classroom-type environment where you attend and take notes," Mr Anderson said.

"It's talking about the specific needs of a business and its owner."

He said most of those he spoke to were people who had only recently started their businesses.

"They're not always aware of the finance needed and the marketing they must do," Mr Anderson said.

"The Small Biz Bus is an opportunity to reach out to small business people, all of them, and help them to step up."

A spokesman for the Penrith Business Advisory Centre said the bus's presence provided a new focus for small business people concerned about their situation.

"What we've found is some people come up with a cracking idea, but we know they'll probably crash because they do it in a rush," he said. "They don't properly plan or surround themselves with the right people."

He said the Small Biz Bus was a way to raise awareness among small business people of the need for good advice.

"The numbers of people at the bus were good; this is the fourth time the bus has come to Penrith and we usually have a good turnout."

Mr Anderson said that although he only spent a short time in Penrith, as he does elsewhere on the road around NSW, he felt he had left people with good advice and encouragement.

"I may move on, but their new-found mentors stay behind," he said.

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