Reservist's day job proves a good blend

ROYAL Australian Air Force Wing Commander Michael Stuart-Watts leads a double life.

When he isn't working in Headquarters Air Command as a reservist at the RAAF Base at Glenbrook, he educates the public about fine wine at Dan Murphy's in Castle Hill.

"It does surprise people sometimes, seeing how different the two jobs are," Wing Commander Stuart-Watts said.

The RAAF officer has been in the Defence Force for 39 years and said the reserves allowed people to experience life in the military while pursuing other interests and careers.

"There are very few other opportunities outside work where you are going to learn as much about what is expected of you and where you learn about what you can do," he said of the reserves.

"It's a good, totally different, opportunity."

The sommelier encouraged civilian employers to hire and support reservists to take advantage of the training they receive and the good work ethic they develop.

"It's a better investment in time," he said.

"You're getting people who are rounded, who understand their own limitations and capabilities and, generally, can work better in a team environment," he said.

"They've got some skills that are really useful, for example, attention to detail, being punctual and courteous; all those sorts of things I think we probably take for granted that the Defence Force, being a conservative organisation, seems to remind people about."


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