Website mixes reading and games

Children can learn to read at their own pace with one-on-one lessons, games and rewards through ABC Reading Eggs.

They can enjoy the interactive format which makes learning to read educative and enjoyable.

All ABC Reading Egg lessons are developed by an experienced team of teachers, writers and developers.

The program focuses on building fluency and comprehension, spelling and vocabulary, and a range of reading-related skills, including grammar and punctuation.

Animations, games and songs are used to keep children engaged — and to ensure they're having fun while learning.

ABC Reading Eggs cater to children who are new to reading, as well as those who already know the basics — and best of all, you can try it for free.

Reading Egg book packs, activity books and flashcards can help to reinforce online lessons.

Already ABC Reading Eggs has started more than one million Australian children on their reading journey of discovery.

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