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Trackers, reviewed y Tyler Finn, 6/18

My book report is on Patrick Carmans’ Trackers. This is an awesome book with lots of breathtaking and funny moments that will inspire you and leave you stunned. The main characters are Adam, the leader and brains of the trackers, Lewis, the cautious one, Emily, the bravest of the trackers and Finn, the daredevil of the team. The enemies of the book are Zara, the mysterious and dangerous girl who rivals Adam and Lazlo the strange adult working with Zara.

The story starts with Adam being questioned by a detective on what has happened in the past six months. Adam has  a video graphic memory so he can recall things to the smallest details. Adam is also a legend on the computers. One of his nicknames in the book is Mozart with a Mouse. He can fix any hardware put in front of him. These gifts make him the best builder of inventions. But when his designs and blueprints are hacked, he will do anything to get them back, even if it means dragging the trackers down with him accidentally.

The book is great for children 10 and above. I highly recommend it to people who enjoyed the Skeleton Creek books by Patrick Carman and anyone new to the books

The Heroes of Olympus the Lost Hero, reviewed by James McKee-Mackenzie, calls 5/6 17

The Heroes of Olympus the Lost Hero is related to the Percy Jackson series and is where Percy mysteriously disappears. At the same time Jason Grace comes to Camp Half-Blood with his memory wiped clean and everyone distrusts him immensely.

The main characters are Leo Valdez, a son of Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths, fire, volcanoes and technology. Leo has  an ability where he can make fire out of thin air, which is a very rare power given to Hephaestus children and is a dangerous one too. He is also fifteen years old. Piper McLean a daughter of Aphrodite goddess of love, doves and beauty. She has a unique ability, charmspeak, which allows the user to influence others to do as she says. She is fifteen years old. Jason Grace is a son of Jupiter Roman god of the gods, lightning and sky. He lived at the Roman counterpart of Camp Half-Blood and is fifteen years old.

This book has adventure, action, drama and  a whole lot of awesome!

I rate this book 9/10, and I recommend this book for twelve year olds and older. 

The Gizmo, reviewed by Reece Martin, 5/6.19

The following book review is on Paul Jennings spectacular book, The Gizmo. The Gizmo is an immensely hilarious children’s book that is guaranteed to keep you laughing yourself sick as you read it.

It is a hilarious book about a teenager named Stephen who steals a small metal ball known as the gizmo due to a tough rowdy teenager known as Floggit. Then Floggit runs away but somehow the gizmo has stuck to Stephen’s hand and  from that point the gizmo is a real problem.

Later Stephen starts to realise that every time the gizmo beeps his clothes get swapped with the closest person to him at the time, from that point in the book it is a wild tale of disappointment, hilarity and embarrassment.

In the end the gizmo has finished with its punishment and detaches and leaves him and the gizmo comes back to punish others for their wrong doing in three entertaining books. They are the gizmo again; sink the gizmo and   gizmo comes back.

These three books are guaranteed to keep you laughing your socks off through hours of entertainment and laughter.

The Hound of the Baskervilles, reviewed by Ilana Katz

The Hound of the Baskervilles was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This book is one of the four  books that Arthur Conan Doyle wrote.

Another adventure of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson has begun! A curse has been in the Baskerville family for generations. A hound ‘‘larger than any mortal eye has seen’’ rips out the throat of Sir Hugo Baskerville. After a few more years Sir Charles Baskerville dies by a fatal heart attack by seeing the hound. Nearby footprints suggest that the legend of the hound is out again. The only Baskerville left is Sir Henry Baskerville. Dr James Mortimer comes to 221B Baker Street to discuss to Holmes and Watson about this horrific problem. The next day Sir Henry Baskerville comes from Canada to meet Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. He gets a letter that morning saying ‘‘If you value your life keep away from the moor’’. And has one of his boots stolen  ... Sherlock Holmes has a lot to do in London so he turns to his trusty sidekick, Dr Watson, to put himself in Holmes’ shoes and kindly asks him to do the case. Dr Watson goes to the Baskerville Hall to one, protect Sir Henry Baskerville and second to shoot the horrible beast.

This novel is one of the famous ones that Doyle wrote. I would recommend this book to older people whoa re into mystery and Sherlock Holmes.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever, reviewed by Olivia O’Neill, 5/6.18

Are you a Wimpy Kid fan? If you are, then this book is for you! Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been a best selling book for all ages, from children to teenagers and they have just bought out a new instalment called Cabin Fever.

It’s November and Greg is already worried about making Santa’s naughty list. To get info directly back to St Nick Greg’s Mum enlists the help of an elf doll that she calls Santa’s scout. This book is all about Gregory’s ‘‘horror’’ experience which includes bullies, fighting for publication of is newspaper and remembering to be on his best behaviour to get presents. Greg knows that the police are coming for him when the surprise blizzard hits. The plot thickens, as the snow does too, surrounding their house and trapping them inside. He must suffer the torment of living with his brothers Rodrick and Manny, who he feels get more attention than him.

This book focuses on the relationship of Manny and Greg and shows that Manny is very pampered and always gets his way whereas Greg never gets away with anything that he does. greg is the perfect average child who has life ‘‘ruined’’ by siblings. This book will tickle your funny bone till you will not be able to keep a straight face for days on end.

The Key to Rondo, reviewed by Lachlan Cooke

Turn the key three times only. Never turn the key while the music is playing. Never pick up the box while the music is playing. Never close the lid until the music has stopped.

These are the rules to the old music box that has been handed down through the generations of langlanders. Now Leo has inherited the old music box and goes by the rules until his cousin comes to stay. Mini turns the key too many times and a blue queen comes out to offer them to come to Rondo with her. If you want to know more read this fantastic novel. I think it is a good book  for all genders and is good for ages 7-77. Also, there are two more books after this one. Personally I give this 9/10.

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