Star readers: Mulgoa Public School

 Come Down Cat, reviewed by Ethan Hoegel

In October 3/4 from Mulgoa Public School read the book Come Down Cat.

It is a short-listed book by Sonia Hartnett. The characters are Nicholas and Cat.

Nicholas has spiky brown hair and is tall and skinny. Cat has white and black fur and likes to meow a lot.

Here’s how the story went. It was nearly night and Cat was stuck on the roof and wouldn’t come down. Nicholas was calling out to him but all he did was meow. Nicholas fetched  a ladder. The ladder was old and heavy. Every step he took it creaked. At the top he reached out to Cat but he ran away.

Nicholas went to bed. He had trouble sleeping because he was worried about Cat with all the scary creatures. Finally he got to sleep.

It started to rain and Nicholas woke up. Cat didn’t like rain. Nicholas could hear the rain and Cat meowing. He faced the scary creatures and got the ladder out to save Cat.

When he limbed to the top Cat jumped into his arms. He took Cat to the kitchen and dried him. They went to sleep in Nicholas’s bed. Nicholas thought that Cat was  a very brave cat and Cat thought that Nicholas was a very brave boy. From then on Cat never left the roof again and they lived happily ever after.

My favourite part was when cat slept on Nicholas’s bed with him. Most of our class highly recommended it.

qlCome Down Cat, reviewed by Taylor Pennell

Nicholas is a young boy about nine years old and he is skinny. Cat is black, white, grey and fluffy. She is also terrified of rain.

It is almost night and Cat is stuck on the roof. Nicholas is trying to get Cat down but she doesn’t want to. So Nicholas went to bed and then it started to rain. The rain woke Nicholas up so he went and got a ladder and went outside and got Cat down from the roof.

I liked this book. The thing I liked best was when the Cat came down.

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