Master adds his punch to film

TITLES in the ring weren't enough for Pollet's Martial Arts Centre, South Penrith.

Despite claiming titles at recent International Sport Karate Association championships, owner/master instructor Hanshi Ian Pollet has set his sights on another big hit.

Australian horror movie Love of my Life will begin production early next month and Pollet will choreograph fight scenes in the movie.

He will also train the actors and actresses to ensure the scenes look genuine.

"I have to make sure they have the right timing so it looks both real and entertaining," he said.

"It's not a matter of just getting in there.

"Their timing needs to be right when they are doing the strikes and it needs to look sharp."

The movie is set inside an operating theatre of an abandoned hospital.

Young men wake up strapped to a table in the room.

On monitors they can see their wives and girlfriends in another room that looks like a morgue.

A man dressed as a surgeon says that for five days he will do horrific things to them.

If they can take no more all they have to say is "I quit".

But if they quit, their partner will die.

If they can last the five days, their partner will live but they will die.

Pollet, who has an eighth degree black belt in Okinawan Karate, Okinawan Kobujutsu and Kepmo Jiu Jitsu, said he became excited when he first heard the plot.

"[Director] Michael Budd searched around for a school with a high profile and could do the job he wanted," Pollet said.

"He came in with his people who were producing the movie and liked what I had to say."

Some scenes will be shot in Pollet's Bathurst-based gym with a select few students featured in the film. The centre in South Granville has been used for nine months.

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